Phone/Data Cabling and Design

Cabling and Design

Phone/ Data Cabling and Design

The cabling and design of phone and data systems is important. The bunch of devices use it now and in the future. In today’s world we are sending 100’s of millions of bits per second over a thin copper wire. To have a solid network, the cabling must be certified from end to end, as the cabling is truly the foundation and backbone of your entire network. A poorly designed and installed cable system can result in costly and time consuming network problems.


How many voice & data drops will you need?

A “drop” is basically one run of cable from a starting point (usually the wiring closet or server room) to the end point (such as an office or cubicle). Remember that for each office, cubicle or workstation, you will generally need one drop for the phone line, and one for the computer. We will also take into account drops that are required for things like dedicated network printers and fax machines.


Will the new (or existing) space require plenum or non-plenum cabling?

The answer to this cabling and design question will depend on the type of construction used in the new or existing location. If your cabling needs to be run above a ceiling that is also used as a space for the circulation of air in a heating, air-conditioning and ventilation system (plenum space), then you will be required to use plenum-rated cable. Plenum cable is jacketed with a fire retardant plastic jacket of either a low-smoke polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP), which limits the amount of toxic fumes in the event of a fire. Plenum cabling costs slightly more than non-plenum wiring, but it’s necessary to maintain code compliance.


Right now you can get hardware and cable rated for Cat 3, Cat 5e or Cat 6 (Cat = category of cable specification). With cable, it’s easy to see the difference: higher performance cables have more twists. Jacks are harder to tell the differences between, but trust us, they are different. The ITP will work with the installer to make sure our design is strictly followed and more importantly, installed properly. More and more companies and large residential areas/buildings are adopting VoIP phone/voice solutions. Let The Intelepath Group design the solution that will fix your current issues and prevent future ones.


We’re dedicated to personalized phone/data cabling and design for each client, whether individual, government or corporate. If you want to know more about how we deliver superior phone / data cabling and design services to our clients every single day, please contact us at 877.504.5671 or use the ‘Contact Us’ page . We are confident that you’ve never met another company like ours before! We pride ourselves on being a different type of security consulting company; just let us show you how.



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